At Least We Stole the Show

At Least We Stole the Show

One of the biggest inspirations was the 7thPower call on August 9, 2015. The theme was “At least we stole the show.” It was one of the only calls Dave & Yvette have done together after Yvette’s been semi retired due to her health condition and one of the most inspirational talks that made many cry and made many promote, full of inspiration. Listen to it NOW TO GET the right mindset to promote faster, kicking obstacles to the side like they did, and apply the formula they taught in this call to architect your blueprint for success so you can walk the stage at the next event. Listen to this call and send to your entire team.

Later, Dave & Yvette did a follow up Periscope, and it was powerful to see how the Ulloa’s live their life, so full of joy and fulfillment even though they are going through some of the most challenging times if their life.

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Sending you so much love and success,

Dave and Yvette Ulloa